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Mr. John William Hellar from USA

My name is William Hellar. I am a 75 year old American citizen. For the last 7 years I have resided in the central Philippines. I just completed a six week treatment course for prostate cancer at the 3D Prostate Clinic in Xiangtan, China.

I want to make it clear that I write this of my own free will. No one has told me what or what not to write. My only motivation is to be of service to other men who may be struggling with the decision of what to do with their prostate problem. The bottom line for me is I am happy I came and given all the information I have and the experience I have had here, I would make the same decision again. It may or may not be right for you.
When I first arrived, I was carrying an unrealistic expectation. I have been dealing with prostate cancer for 25 years and I wanted finality, I wanted to be absolutely healed and I wanted it to be over. This was unreasonable of me because I knew even before I arrived, my treatment would not end here. I will be sent home with a 3 month supply of herbs to finish the treatment. For many reasons, it does not make sense to test myself at this point. For example, a single digital exam can effect PSA readings. I just completed 36 exams so it is certain that my PSA reading would not be accurate. Doing an after comparison MRI makes no sense because it will show tumor remnants or perhaps tumor shadows. It is also too early to check for viruses because my immune system is still in the process of dealing with them. Disappointedly, I will have to wait a year before I know for word certain that I am clear of prostate cancer. I have many reasons to be optimistic that I will be clear and finished with the disease. If you choose to read on I will share my history and what I do know for certain.

56 years ago I had a chronic prostate infection. The US Marine Corps with its bias against its own enlisted men simply assumed I had a non-specific venereal disease and mistreated the infection for more than 4 months. I had a reoccurrence of the infection 54 years ago. I have reason to believe I have been carrying this infection all this time in one form or another.

25 years ago my PSA rose to 7. I made the mistake of agreeing to a 6 core biopsy. The results were negative for cancer and I thought I was good to go. The problem is the procedure was painful and I had negative side effects for several months. There is no doubt the biopsy damaged my prostate. The urologist never told me that there is a 25% false negative rate for such biopsies. Had I had that information, I certainly would have pursued alternative treatments at that early stage. For the next 20 years I elected watchful waiting with my family doctor. My PSA slowly rose in small increments to 11.5 during that period. At each digital exam the doctor proudly told me I had a small very firm prostate, “the prostate of a 25 year old” he told me. It turns out, a firm prostate is not a good thing and the doctor never examined my prostate deeply enough to feel the tumors that were certainly there. If you choose to be treated by Dr. Song you will understand what I mean by deeply.
4 years ago, my PSA jumped from 11.5 to 17.4. Although I had no symptoms of any kind, I panicked and scheduled another biopsy. The day before the procedure, I had my PSA checked again and it was 14.2. I did not muster the courage to refuse the trans rectal biopsy. This was my largest mistake. Suddenly, after this 18 core biopsy, I developed all the classic systems. I enlarged. My sexual performance crashed. I got inflamed, infected, and I experiences pain in my prostate. I dribbled, experienced urgency, and frequency at night. Half the cores were positive. All but one was Gleason 3 to 6. One was serious at Gleason 8. All the Western doctors recommended surgery. I watched a surgery on U-tube and immediately decided to not subject myself to that kind of butchery saying nothing of the risky side effects.

For 4 years I self-treated. I took Rick Simpson oil, I had cold infrared light treatments, I took massive doses of vit. D, I made two, month long trips to India for ayurvedic cleansing, I ate Philippine fruits which are anti-cancer, I twice did the baking soda protocol, I modified my diet, and I constantly consumed Vit. B-17 tablets the whole time. My PSA varied up and down from 14 to 8 for the period. Ultrasound revealed reducing tumors. During this time my urinary symptoms were good and bad. I could control the symptoms with a product called Prostagutt. I thought I was on the right path.

July of 2018, my symptoms worsened so I decided to return to America to check it out. My PSA was at an all time high of 21.7. I refused a biopsy and had an MRI. The MRI revealed a small, 32 cm, prostate that was 70% cancerous. They said that at 75, I was now too old for surgery and recommended radiation. I spent countless hours researching the different types of radiation coming to the conclusion that the probability of unwanted side effects was a greater risk for me than just letting prostate cancer take its course. So I was down to eat, drink, be merry and let it be versus trying Dr. Song. A urologist in America suggested I take a testosterone blocker called Cassodex for six month while I was deciding. I accepted a 30 day supply and taking even that little turned out to be another mistake. He said it would weaken the cancer cells rendering them more susceptible to radiation. Dr. Song says it makes the cells smaller and harder to kill. Even the 30 day supply upset my hormone balance, lowered my pain threshold and weakened my immune system. I have grown tits, I have hot flashes, and the weakness allowed a blood infection to settle into my tits.
I held many fears about the 3D Prostate clinic. Their claimed success rate was too good to be true. It must be a scam. I can tell you this. If it is a scam it is the best acting job I have ever observed. The care displayed and the concern given to my case by Dr. Song, Dr. Ivan, Nurse Cindy, and Alisa felt way too genuine to be faked. I thought the price was too high for Asia. As an Aussi patient shared with me, he would pay double if his cancer got cured. He asked me, ”what is your life worth?”. I was troubled that there was no historical data or tracking of previous patients. I could not get a meaningful answer to what did they mean by success. It came down to every patient has an impact but what does that mean`? I live in the Philippines and the culture is certainly different there than in China. However, there are many similarities. I choose to tell myself that I had run into a cultural resistance that is adverse to binary thinking. Their non-specific answers to my questions just did not line up with my absolutist Western mind. I wondered why there were not more testimonials especially long term ones. I learned here and I have learned in the past working in men’s groups that many men struggle with being open. Some men are embarrassed to have prostate cancer and do not wish to broadcast the fact to the world. I respect their choice and honor their want for privacy. Other men fear making a testimonial because you may be influenced by them to come to China. If it does not work out for you they would feel partly responsible. I want to be clear. I am not trying to get you to do anything you choose not to do. I only present my story. If you choose to accept treatment from the 3D clinic, the responsibility for your choice is totally yours, not mine. Finally I reasoned that if it was all a scam, certainly there would be a flock of men making posts and warnings all over the internet. Angry men often speak.
In the end, what influenced my decision to come to China was the logic of the Clinic. It made simple sense to me to look for the causes of the disease rather than just treat its symptoms. I could relate to the hypothesis, theory, or speculation that infection and blockages cause cancer. With my prostate infection history, this made easy sense to me. The injection of Western antibiotics and Chinese herbs directly into the prostate seemed like a reasonable approach to me and also showed a willingness of Dr. Song to use all the tools available to him rather than sticking to just one dogma. It also registered with me that the insertion point is not the rectum.

I decide to own my fears and put them in front of me. I called on the adventurer within me, that part of me that can see distant horizons and is willing to take risks. I summoned up my wild man, that part of me that can act outside the box and have fun. He can break down walls to get what he wants. I asked both of them to gather up my trusting inner little boy for him to enjoy the journey. All the other patients I have met here are alternative thinkers and adventurers. They display some or all the elements I speak of. I judge you have these elements within you or you would not even be reading this. Then, in control of my fear, I decided to come to China with the full intent of healing.

That is the history. Let me say a few words about logistics and some unexpected benefits. The city is very modern and vibrant. It feels completely safe and the people are happy and friendly. I have experienced and have heard from others, countless acts of random kindness from the people. The food scene here is fabulous if you have even a little bit of eating adventurer within you. Be sure to arrange to have access to money while you are here or to pay your bill in advance. I recommend against staying at the City Comfort Inn because it reeks of cigarette smoke and is not very clean. The MGM is over prices and a bit warn. I suggest the Manqi Hotel at just a few dollars a day more than the City Comfort. It has a nearby location, it is new, and I would say it is 4.5 stars. If you choose another place, a good guide is to choose the newest hotel you can find. Be certain to download a VPN to all your devices before you come or forget about the internet. Also, download the Google Translator App to your phone. It is invaluable.

When I arrived, I soon bonded with the other patients at the clinic. It was a comforting feeling for me to speak with others that were in a similar boat as me. I felt heard and supported and it pleased me to offer my support to them. I did not expect this important benefit. I have made friends here that will be lifetime friends. I do not recall a period of my life where I had more laughter. The jokes never stopped. It is said laughter heals. If that is true, I judge I am healed. My time here was among the happiest periods of my life. I never would have predicted that!

This is what I know. When I arrived they took an ultrasound that absolutely matched the MRI I had in America. They extracted prostatic fluid and did a culture. I wonder why the hell no Western doctor had ever done that. In a few days they reported that I had three different bacterial infection, two of which could have come from my rectum like E.coli. Remember my transrectal biopsy, thank you very much. They could have faked this data but why would they? They tested my blood and found two viruses and an indication that I had a anaerobic blood infection. My white blood cell count was more than double what it should be. This is the infection that settled into my tits. They started the prostate injections and I was on an anti-viral drip for 15 days. After these drips I did 7 days of a different drip to deal with the blood infection. I am still on oral medication and the white blood cell count is nearly normal. I have been complaining of fatigue for years to Western doctors and not one of them ever analyzed my blood. It is criminal!

A few days after the anti-viral drip started I notice some amazing changes. Several months prior I had a bad sunburn on my back that cause pealing. I had a chronic itch and had to carry a back scratcher to relieve this intense itch. Dr. Song had told me it was the virus attacking the weakened skin. The itch just went away. Gone like that. I am 75 and my face has dropped. I had sagging joules. They are half gone. All my skin tightened up. My left eyelid drooped so much it interfered with my sight. I was planning to have the excess eyelid skin removed. After the drip my eye opened up. My eyesight improved a little too. As confirmation I read that one of my viruses tends to settle in the eyes. The other virus effects joints. I have arthritis in my neck and pain limited my range of motion. Old age says the West. I am now nearly pain free and my range of motion has increased by 15%. I have torn ligaments in my shoulder, the ligaments are detached from the bone and I arrived with a lot of shoulder pain. I have not regained lost strength but the pain is gone. Early on my energy level spiked. As the treatments progressed they caused frequent night urination and it was difficult to get restful sleep so my energy was impaired. I look forward to increased energy as my urinary symptoms decline. They say the virus infections are under control and I have no way to know if this is true at this point. However, I believe it because of all the changes I have experienced. Certainly something went on in my body. This I know for certain.

Dr Song said my small hard prostate was full of large tumors, classification everywhere causing blockages in the prostatic canals, and scar tissue from the biopsies. I could feel the firmness when he examined me. The injections seemed to start at the bottom of the gland and went a little bit deeper each day. He said early on that the tumors were shrinking. I had no clue. As he progressed I began to discharge a lot of material with my urine and I could begin to feel the bottom of my prostate soften. Today my entire prostate feels like a limp empty bag with almost no pain. The discharge I experienced included little chunks of tissue of various colors, long and short filaments of white and black, blood, old very black blood clots, cloudy dark urine that coagulated into large white chunks, little black particles, and white crystals that settled quickly to the bottom. The discharges varied from day to day from several days with nothing at all to days with abundant discharge. I often wondered if I had any prostate left.
As the tumors shrunk he could feel a large hard cyst on my left side. There is no mistake. I could feel an object without a doubt when he touched it. He said the cyst had formed around an infection and was full of puss. Soon after he injected this thing, is when I began to expel blood clots. I could absolutely feel the cyst shrinking from day to day each time he touched it. I have no doubt about this. The cyst is gone and I reason if he can dissolve or break up such a cyst, he can also dissolve or break up tumors. I have every reason to believe I will be cancer free within this next year.
I want to add that each man who was here with me had different experiences. No two were the same. However, all the men I encountered here left feeling happy and optimistic. It seems there are many paths to healing.

I am glad I came and given all that I knew before and all that I know now I would make the same choice again.