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Dr. Prosper Adamaley from Ghna

My name is Prosper Adamaley, a businessman from Ghna. I have had BPH for the past 10 years. It all started in June 2017 when following a routine medical check-up in Gastonia, North Carolina, USA, I was diagnosed with an elevated PSA of 9.68. A biopsy followed in Houston, Texas whereupon it was confirmed that the apex of my prostate gland had 10% tumor with a Gleason score of 3+3=6. Frantically, I started looking for cost effective treatment options. This led to a pop up advertisement touching 3D Urology Clinic in Xiangtan, Hunan Province, China. Details of the 3D procedures, treatment and costs that I read on their website was impressive, realistic and natural. without side effects. I returned to Ghana in August to acquire a Chinese travel visa and arrived in Xiangtan on 20th November 2017. The administration of my prostate treatment involved 2 injections a day over 18 days directly into the prostate. 3D Urology Clinic gave me a list of the natural plants, minerals and herbs that were used to produce the injections. After the 3 weeks treatment, my prostate tumor was effectively eliminated and I received natural anti-cancer tea consignment, to be consumed over the next 60 days to consolidate the treatment.

However,the past biopsy had triggered bleeding, infection, and thrombosis in the prostate and enlarging it from 107mm in July 2017 to 300mm in November 2017. By January, 2018, it was 360mm, worsening to 440mm in March 2018. By 15, December, 2018, 3D Urology Clinic had recommended that I should undergo laser surgery on the lower bladder and the prostate to remove all dead tissues, stop the bleeding and repair the prostate and turn it to acceptable and functional size. The clinic arranged for this to be done by Professor Zheng at the Xiangtan Hospital.

The tentative date fixed for the laser surgery was 10th March, 2018. After the prostate tumor treatment, I returned to Ghana on 20th December, 2017, renewed my visa and returned to Xiangtan on 9th March, 2018 in the company of my wife, Elise; for the laser surgery.

First, blood tests and ultrasound were conducted on me to ascertain that the prostate tumor was eliminated and all other health parameters were sound. Next day I was admitted into the Xiangtan Hospital on Sunday, 11th March, 2018, where the blood test and ultrasound were repeated to double check previous results. Professor Zheng decided to proceed with the laser surgery on 12th March, 2018.

This Laser Surgery is considered a miracle for a number of reasons.

1. The organ that received the laser treatment was a post-cancer organ.
2. At 440mm, it was the largest prostate ever operated in China and perhaps in the whole world.
3. Contrary to normal development after this type of surgery, I did not develop urinary incontinence. On the third day, once off the saline water I urinated in the first instance by himself under personal muscular control; thus eliminating the need for diaper (usual for 3-6 months after such surgeries).
4. I am a black African who had travelled a total of 15000 miles from Ghana to receive this intervention in Xiangtan, China.
5. No other complications have arisen after the surgery andI have not been placed on any medications; only to drink 2500ml of water per day as natural therapy.

The 3D Urology Clinic is compact, neat, and focused on prostate desease cure. Their diagnosis and prognosis are based on modern medical science, historical Chinese and Oriental medicine. All their medical information is sincere, detailed, open and verifiable. Their prostate treatment are patient specific, and they deal with all ancillary ailments. Their medical personnel are highly qualified, Chinese government certified, highly trained, professional in work ethic and well connected in the Chinese medical system. Above all, they are very patient, friendly, analytical, flexible, and cost-effective.

China harnesses 5000 years of civilization to become people centered today, in the medical care. With specific reference to prostate care, treatments are done so that there are no side effects. Chinese are very friendly, good listeners, diligent, hard working and handle people of all races equally and fairly.

I give praise and glory to God Almighty for grating me, the vision, wisdom, resources and location to tackle and cure my serious life threatening ailment. Next, my appreciation to the 3D Urology Clinic of Xiangtan and her health gurus of Dr. Song Xinping, ,Dr Ivan Haoyu and Adm. Assitant Alisa Wang, for their dedication, organizational ability and thrust for my treatments. And to Professor Zheng and his surgical team and nurses in Xiangtan Hospital my speechless awe at their professionalism and superhuman health delivery to my person. I hope that the experience resulting from my treatment will inure to the advantage of similar patients in future.

Long live Xiangtan, long live China.

Mr. Prosper Adamaley, Xiangtan China.23 March 2018.