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George Patterson from USA, Living in Philippines

I suffered with waking up to pee 7-10 times per nite for 15 years, never empty my bladder. Once I had the urge to pee I had less than 5 minutes to find a restroom without problems. It didn’t matter if I was driving, in a meeting or on the airplane….I always had to plan on knowing in advanced where the toilets were located.

I never had a full nites sleep in 15 years always feeling tired and needing to nap during the day.

I contemplated surgery, hot steam or anything to change this lifestyle.

With luck I saw a link to Dr Songs clinic and it made sense. I signed up for 1 week as a Christmas present to myself. After talking to other clients and their success stories and after talking to Dr Song and his son I had hope that this make perfect success.

I stayed for 3 weeks Christmas thru New Years staying at MGM and Paragon Hotel. Paragon was more relaxing and only cost $2.50 for a taxi to the clinic.

Daily injections into the Prostate (5 minutes) and IV drip (1.5 hours) 6 times per week for three weeks.

First week 3 – 6 times per nite to pee. Dr Song recommended to pee into a glass to see if particles or calcium sediment was visible. Second and third week showed a lot of sediment.

There was daily review of my progress with many questions and answers that made me feel like this was the correct course of action.

My Prostate reduced in size and I could feel a surge in energy as my Prostate started producing more testosterone which was down to 453 and high estrogen levels.

Dr Song recommended to return for three week at least 3 months later. If the virus and pathogens were gone he would treat my calcium deposits more aggressively .

In May, I booked for a three week stay. I ate only organic and low carbohydrates with no sugar and daily exercise and my tests were virus free.

Dr Song treated me very aggressive for calcium and no IV. After two weeks he said my Prostate was reduced in size and very small to the touch and he felt I did not need the last week of treatments since my body could heal it with the correct diet.

Since 6 month ago and 5 weeks of treatments I now sleep from 9 pm through 6am and only wake up if I drink liquids after 6 pm. I never think about searching for a restroom in advance and can’t believe I had that problem for 15 years.

I have lost 50 lbs down to 170 lbs, I follow the Keto diet with intermittent fasting and I have transformed my body with more muscles ever in my life. My testosterone levels are now up to 978 with low estrogen.

The constant frustration and anger I had for so many years are now gone!

Best move I ever made in my life.

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