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Mr. Don Funk from Saskatoon, Sask. Canada


Research of Mega Side Effects

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Men – we have to learn to Advocate for ourselves when we visit a urologist, and ask for other options, they attempt to claim there are no other options, that is an untruthful statement. Educate yourself, investigate and research the internet. In my humble opinion they do not get incentized for suggesting other options, rather they want to go to the needle biopsy, use the knife or nuke you, and return you to a baby state like that at birth.


My Name is Don Funk from Saskatoon, Sask. Canada

*I realized that a Prostate issue was on the horizon, so I requested a referral to a urologist from my family doctor.

* I arranged for an appointment. Upon my arrival after a some small talk I requested an MRI to determine the condition and state my prostate was at.

*I was shocked at the fact that the urologist outright denied  me from having an MRI. His basis for this was my PSA did not warrant it, yet at one point my PSA was at 9.1 – Unbelievable!   Our health system in Canada comes at no cost to all residents of Canada. The Urologist claimed that my total PSA numbers did not really justify the usage since other “more seriously ill” waiting patients would be delayed.

* Men NEVER allow this to take place, stick to your demand or request. Let me explain. He indicated that it would be best just to “monitor” the PSA numbers. Looking back, I felt cheated, mis-used, since in my humble opinion they are more interest in themselves, instead me as a patient. One year, eight months later I demanded an MRI, and to my shock and surprise there was no issue, Zero, in getting an MRI?   What in the “H” had changed? So now the MRI results indicated the prostate and jumped approximately 6 times to 144 CC.

*I am deeply and greatly disappointed that it had expanding that rapidly. To my disgust I realized that what I had been thinking about was actually taking place. The Urologist indicated that a needle biopsy would be the next step. I immediately asked if there were other options other than the needle biopsy. To my best recollection he indicated that there were no other options. I informed him that my sister had worked for a urologist for more than ten years. I felt in my option he was more interested in his bank account then me a human being seeking help. Her insight provided me with a completely different perspective. For them it is all about keeping the lid down tight to avoid any “damage control” which is often talked about in their circles.

Furthermore, no expanded testing to confirm the findings, no education or little at least to address what the journey would consist of other then their ugly go to approach, recommending or strongly suggesting and going immediately to needle biopsy.  There are other tests or processes, since needle biopsies have side effects which I have addressed below.

Have you, as a male, ever examined the side effects of the nuking and the knife?  We revert to becoming a baby again; divorce is part of the new data’s side effects. Eliminating what the Creator designed us with.  Men – avoid this at all costs if possible – because in all too many cases the side effects can still result with the cancer continuing to destroy one’s body and our life.  Dr. Song’s miracle cure comes with no side effects and allows you to function as a male of your youth.

Later I realized and discovered there are other processes one can ask for to determine and confirm the actual prostate condition. A  clear fluid  can be obtain from the prostate by doing a firmer massage, and then place this clear fluid under the microscope and then do a comparison with a healthy prostate.  In my case this clearly displayed I had serious issues. And a have copies of those ugly finding [slides] the staff showed me. Wow! you do not need a needle biopsy.

Another alternative approach is obtaining a live semen test, which will confirm what your status is. Wow!  What about an ultrasound versus the needle biopsy with its side effects? Go and Google biopsy side effects.  I my case, prior to travelling to the 3d prostate clinic, I requested an extended blood test for viruses and bacteria. All I received here was a Hep A, B and C.


The first thing that happens, after you land in China, the following morning you are off to doing a thorough blood test. The extended blood test revealed I had three viruses that were right off the spec chart and (one) nearly 200% higher than normal. A bacteria and the 3 viruses could not handle the attack on my immune system. These results do not give one a lot confidence. Men from all around the world are shocked that one has to fly to a different country to get the facts that tell the story and in the process get a cure.

Speaking with Dr. Song he indicated that these had caused my cancerous prostate. By performing a rectal Ultrasound check confirms the health of ones prostate. Again with zero side effects, isn’t that interesting.

So in my pursuit to explore other options, I Googled the alternative options and found the 3D Prostate Clinic. This amazing prostate clinic offers a completely different approach that focuses on a cure versus the nuking and the knife procedure that have mega side effects and leads to other alternatives that are not very attractive.

Ask the urologist what the stats are on recurring side effects where cancer has come back.

Men, I want to get your attention.  Investigate and educate yourself, explore the pros and cons and I can assure you the over-whelming evidence will  stagger you and shock you into the reality of the side effects.

SIDE EFFECTS of Needle Biopsy Radiation & Surgery:


The most common risk factors include infection and bleeding. Other risks include blood in the semen or urine, discomfort in the area of surgery for a few days, and difficulty urinating. The transrectal prostate biopsy is (1) very painful, (2) have the danger of introducing new bacteria into the prostate, (3) damage rectal tissue, create rectal fissures, intestinal toxins will enter the prostate gland, (4) damage the prostate, and cause fibrous indurations, etc.

What are the potential Side EFFECTS of radiation and surgery?

  • Frequent  urination
  • Uncontrolled urination – urination leakage diapers often for life
  • Blood in the urine
  • Abdominal cramping
  • Diarrhea
  • Painful bowl movement
  • Recital leaking
  • Fatigue
  • Sexual dysfunctional, including diminished erection or decrease in volume
  • Skin reaction [similar to sun burn]
  • Secondary cancer in the radiation
  • Rectal inflammation
  • Cystitis bladder infection
  • Narrowing of the urethra  or rectum
  • Development of ulcers in the rectum
  • Damage to blood vessels
  • Damage to nerves after radiation
  • Erectile  dysfunction with delay and decline
  • Recurrence of cancer after robotic surgery
  • After surgery, radiation treatment caused to burn a hole in my friend’s bladder
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Begin proliferation in an uncontrolled way of enlarging  of prostate because the urologist is “monitoring”  the  prostate which in my case grew nearly 6 times the size of normal prostate 144 cc in size
  • Prostate inflammation, infection , or trauma
  • Scarring as direct result
  • Blood in the urine an or semen
  • Painful ejaculation
  • Swelling in pelvic area or legs
  • Affects the real Quality of Life, the Quality of your relationship with your partner. Constantly doubting
  • Low or no sex drive, loss of penis length, decreased and or dry orgasm
  • Right after surgery you will experience bruising and swelling
  • After Prostate surgery another side effect is lack of bowel movement, it could, or according the website language and I quote, “This Usually gets better after one or two weeks. Note the word “usually”.
  • You will probably be able to go back to work or your usual activities 3 to 5 weeks after surgery, but it could take longer to fully recover.
  • You will need to visit your doctor regularly. Just a constant reminder. This includes having blood tests to measure your PSA.
  • Anger caused by erectile dysfunction can be directed against oneself or against their partner. If he fears failure, the man can avoid all sexual activity. This reaction may be detrimental to their relationship as a couple—his partner may believe that she has become less attractive, that she no longer excites him, or that she is getting old. Wives sometimes question their husbands—is he having an affair? This situation can lead to feelings of rejection.
  • Recurrence of Prostate cancer after robotic surgery.  With initial treatment you had high hopes for a complete cure.  A rise in PSA after treatment can leave you wondering if that is still possible. The Short answer is “Yes.” Recurrent prostate cancer is more common than you think.

So Why Not Book your Appointment to be cured from cancer.

Contact me at email d.e.funk@hotmail.com 

tel 306 652 4305 or cell 306 221-7784

Dr. Song’s “Cure” is a process that is Not Destructive in any manner

Notice: No side effects, no surgery, no nuking and no toxic pills, just precision targeted anti-cancer injections that begin to see particles releasing within 10- days to two weeks.  The cancer cells will begin to decompose – the cancer cells are eradiated, releasing them and beginning the Discharging of killed dead cancer cells, with an anti-cancer Chinese Herbal Blend.  Particles are being flushed out with large amounts of water. [Must drink more than normal like 4000 to 5000 ml.]

Additional concentrated medicines via an IV drip begin to kill/destroy bacteria, anti-viral and unblocking agents that kill off the pathogens and decompose the cancer cells in weeks.

These powerful and effective Chinese herbal med’s completely destroy the viruses and bacteria that cause the prostate condition in many cases. As in my case.


Ask yourself, your home cost money, your vehicles, you’re RVS, your boat, your motorbike and cabins or winter homes in warmer climates. Health is important, do not delay the trip, book the trip and receive a miracle. It’s never too late, the sooner  you book the better it will be.

After you read the testimonials call the office and get some references of people in your country.

The testimonials are very encouraging.  Some may question whether testimonials are fake or have been manipulated.  They are not.   They are freely given and proudly given strictly because the results are life changing.  The evidence is right before one’s eye and one can clearly witness the evidence of cancer cells  rapidly leaving the infected prostate and restoring ones health without any side effects.

Speaking with former patients from Dr. Song’s cure treatment it becomes very apparent that targeted treatments are revolutionary, ground breaking.  Dr. Song has pioneered processes that can be best descripted as Miraculous that cure cancer and yet maintaining all the normal male functions that we were created with.


To begin with this treatment is a life changing amazing ride of a lifetime and it comes with Zero side effects.

It’s a joy going for treatments every day to the boy’s club, because you quickly realize with changes for the next ten days or two weeks that the cancer/ tumor things will become a thing of the past and the body will be going through a trans-formation that you will know for sure this was the right choice and only choice of amazing options to put your health back on the right track.

  1. Blood work:  Right after blood work you will say, Wow! This reveals if you are infected with a virus and/or bacteria that your immune system cannot handle which are all part of your problem. Once that has been dealt with, as in my case, the tests revealed numerous viruses that were off the charts. Likewise, with bacteria – the culture was identified as Staphylococcus Aurens and growing in its own Culture for the wrong reason.

I had abnormal blood disorders, Herpes Simplex Virus Antibody; most people have this Cytomegaloviruses Antibody, Rubella Virus Antibody, Follicle-stimulating Hormone and Low Density, Prolactin and Lipoprotein Cholestenone. That did not sound great. What is even more alarming doctors in most cases do not investigate the bigger picture of one’s health, which is very sad, disappointing and unbelievable?

  1. Once the doctor has reviewed these results with you, you are placed on a twenty-day I.V. drip treatment to destroy these damaging viruses and bacteria. Immediately, the doctor will   order three to four bottles for twenty consecutive days – one bottle for the virus; one bottle for the bacteria; one bottle for infection fighting and another bottle for building up your immune system. This is virtually never part of the western world’s testing procedure.
  2. The next step is to review the Digital Rectal ultrasound examination [again which in a great percentage of cases is not part of the “usual” investigation].  Here he finds very obvious swelling, harder texture that was obviously pressing and causing pain; a tumor nodule and explained and confirmed exactly what the test is revealing and confirms. Thus Dr. Song continues to educate and inform you so you clearly understand where your current health situation is at.

Trans-Rectal Ultrasound found three cancer tumors size 19 x 16 mm, 19 x 15mm and 9 x 7 m. The last two were protruding into the bladder. Benign Prostate Hyperplasia [its volume 120ml and half was protruded towards the bladder] and Prostate Calcification that had become very hard with limited blood flow.

  1. Then Dr. Song takes a fluid sample. This fluid was placed under the microscope.  Wow, in my case I was amazed with the finding of how badly I was infected. [I feel very strongly about the fact that very little education happens with conventional doctor visits. I personally feel very disappointed that these steps and processes leave us in dark. All of these steps provide value information, however they immediately go for the needle biopsy, which you can Google as see the multiply side effects.]

Dr. Song  will also do a deeper massage of the prostate to capture a clear or white fluid. This fluid is then taken to the lab and places this under a microscope which reveals what I call as ugly.  No wonder I was where I was.

This is another positive and a procedure that again is not part of the conventional doctors’ protocol. Once again, in the greatest number of men from around the world never has this type of test been done.

Question:  And why not? This requires an answer. Once again, the needle biopsy has side effects, [Google side effects caused by needle biopsy] however I personally would not have this done, since my sister worked for a urologist, and I now fortunately understand the other side that we as patients don’t hear about. Question, is it about damage control? In all likelihood this is never or very seldom talked about with the patient[s]. In my personal involvement I feel I was not informed about the real big picture about all the side effects that in my case, blows me away. You may ask the question why? Well, you probably don’t really want to know. If you want to know about your personal situation you can call and talk about your personal journey with Dr. Song’s office and they will gladly provide you positive options without side effects. Ask them for my cell number, email, etc. so we can frankly talk about what can transpire as a result of choosing Dr. Song’s miracle processes.

Looking back I feel I that if I would gone ahead blindfolded I would been a guinea pig, and still would have had to deal with all the side effects.  When you Google “side effects” and see all the other related information it will blow your mind.

  1. From this point on you will receive two daily treatments with needle injections of an anti-cancer fighting agent with possible additional agents to restore your complete health. One needle is injected on the left side and the other on the right side of your prostate.

The needles are 10ml for each side. The needles are very fine thus there is a tiny prick which is somewhat like that of a mosquito bite. I guarantee the knife will be much more painful and still have side effects and change one’s life.  Like one individual said, “Going the western world route I will become a baby for the second time.”  When the anti-cancer fluid is pushed into the prostate it will be slightly uncomfor-table, a bit of pressure, but not painful.

In my case my prostate was 144cc [MRI] in size and was inflamed so it was sore and after the first days the soreness was leaving the prostate.

  1. As the treatment begins, within a week to ten days, you are encouraged to capture urine in clear container or plastic water bottle and lift it up against a bright light. You’ll be amazed at seeing tiny particles beginning to be released. Each individual after receiving the above mentioned range of treatments were utterly amazed.

In my personal situation I had a massive release on the exact two week period. I had the treatment and had to go to the washroom, I was blown away by what I witnessing as a massive release. It was like I had taken a ¼ pound of ground raw hamburger and thrown it into the complete area of the toilet bowl. I was so excited seeing this empirical evidence that had been decomposed, releasing and discharged dead cancer cells leaving my prostate. I was so excited I failed to take a photo; however, seeing is believing.

Within a ten minute or less time-frame I was back in the washroom, and this time I discharged a black dead cancer cell, which amazed – the size was like the pinky finger nail. I quickly pulled my cell phone out and captured the actual size which surprised me that it could have left the body. There was no pain associated the release of this size and for the moment could not believe what I just witnessed. However, there is more to this, it was ½ inch in length. This exact process with another repeated its self with the same size of length and the width was approximately and little larger than the lead in writing pencil.

This was all happening so quickly so Dr. Song decided to insert a catheter. The catheter was inserted without an issue and since my prostate size [144cc] and one of the cancer tumors was seated in the neck of the bladder thus blocking the entry into the bladder. So it was removed only to find an approximately 4 cm or 1 inch.  This was so exciting to witness and with a few more attempts another miracle took place whereby it passed into the bladder. There was daily release and discharge for the remaining six weeks. After two weeks the catheter was removed because the discharge became more normal. As a result the cancer tumor after six weeks disappeared with only a little amount of the shell remaining.

  1. Another amazing treatment Dr. Song offers is oral anti-cancer [powder mixed with a glass of water] continues to kill and destroy any remaining cancer cells. This anti-cancer drinking is required to taken for 90 days after leaving the clinic, or until it is completely used up.

Elevation of Treatment

My experience within a week or so was amazing.  Men – what happened to me can be best descripted as a Miracle taking place before my eyes. Everyone’s experience at the clinic was over the top. All of the men there were of the same mindset. Their vibes were beyond everyone’s imagation.

I my case I knew for sure that this treatment was for real. Some guys I spoke with before making up my mind, echoed the same, a few of them stated “this DOCTOR at the CLINIC SAVED MY LIFE.”  Dr. Song will change the status of your prostate health situation; and you will leave as an evangelist for this clinic. I have already become that because men need hope, that is so important to the whole family.


*He truly is an amazing specialist – a “Miracle Marker”.

*He separates himself from all those who think they have a cure.  He is constantly performing miracles that cannot

be denied, and are not repeatable by others.

*He is passionate in attempting to and actually helping the helpless. 

*He is transforming men’s lives that trapped in their own bodies, which is a fact, since prostate cancer is the #2 or #3 cause of mens’ death in the world depending on a few counties

*He displays an attitude that is so humbling and refreshing

*They as a team, which includes a young gentleman, set the stage for the next generation, along with Alisa and Cindy who are just caring and helpful in assisting and providing unlimited help to make the experience memorable in all ways.

*probably no two men’s circumstances or situations are the same, but with their experience they can identify and tailor the treatment that addresses your special need.

In Comparison to the rest of the world, Dr. Song and his team are totally and completely concerned about you and restoring your Prostate health to give you a Quality of Health one can only dream of. The treatment cures without side effects. I mean zero side effects and my case was very rare.

Once again, the radiation and robotic surgery etc. have side effects which you get for “free”. One individual at the clinic had robotic surgery and radiation done and after only a few months had his PSA rising again, when he met an individual in the “support group” who had experienced the amazing cure treatment from Dr. Song. So he came to Dr. Song AFTER the conventional treatment.   [Go on the web and Google side effects of surgery and radiation, yet you lost part of what you were designed to have and to be an active male for those intimate experiences of life not only for yourself, but also for your wife, partner and significant other. Unreal and sadly believable because it is happening.]

Make a positive life change experience

* Dr. Song is a scientist and researcher who brings extensive experience that can determine the cause and type of prostate cancer and other symptom origins, be it be it genetic, virus and or unprotected sex from infected partner. He also determines the approximate time frame of when this journey of yours began.

* His success rate is 90% so who would YOU trust as your first choice? Others could only wish and dream for those results

I have journaled and mapped my daily process and captured this with pictures and videos. Simply put, seeing is believing. This provides empirical evidence, unbelievable evidence for the unbelievers. Urologists and other individuals who read these amazing testimonials believe them to be fake, manufactured and given under pressure, or they indicate “let’s not talk about it”, in other words sweep it under the rug. We are taught to have open minds, they want to keep this quiet and yet in other cases say, “let’s just revert to damage control mode.”

Guys there are precious few options, elect this one and change your life, while Dr. Song continues to write amazing life changing miracles.

Other Benedfits

Quality of Life and life style.

Quality of renewed life as our Creator designed us to be.

Quality of Peace and Mind.

Quality of return to newness of one’s youth.


Place your Prostate renewal in the confidence of Dr. Song’s hands, his minefield of knowledge, and his experience for a cure.

What a pleasure and real joy to have had this experience, which was so amazing, with Zero side effects and having an experience worth a lifetime of treasures.

Don Funk

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada

Email: d.e.funk@hotmail.com

Write me and I will get you my telephone and cell

God Bless You


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