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Ralph M from Australia

Some background on my case :

I’m a Kiwi, married to an Aussie living happily in Aussie, I hold a Aussie passport – age 66.

Had vasectomy 1980 – closed type (clips).

Pain (incredible) / Prostate problems since 2000.

Granuloma Lump in Epididymis 46mm right testicle – both were removed 2003.

Laser Surgery – remove cataract and replaced lens in left eye – caused by prostrate drugs reaction.

2008 Granuloma lump in Epididymis 52mm left testicle – Micro surgery – removed 24 mm of epididymis granuloma and had vasectomy reversal with drain (open Type).5 teeth fell out – reaction to prostrate drugs prescribed – now have implants.

2010 Pain / Prostrate internal investigation caused blood poisoning – 12 days in hospital.

Early 2012 – TE tests showed very low testosterone scores – testosterone replacement started.

Mid 2012 Prostrate / Testicle Pain – started having Fits / Arm Shakes (tremors epileptic type) occasionally progressed to every 5 weeks. Neurologist prescribed Gabapentin then changed to Lyrica.

January 2013 started Acupuncture for pain relief and help with blood circulation -It helped but only for 2 days after treatment.

Mid 2013 Prostrate / Testicle Pain – progressed to fainting. Cardio tests showed enlarged left side muscles of heart, valve damage but thankfully no hardening of arteries -Cardiologist agreed my pain and anxiety probably the main cause.

Having 5 stays in hospital from January – June 2013, I became very cynical of Aussie Doctors – my conclusion was they only ever treat the symptoms not the cause and embark on a system of passing you from specialist mate to special mate to extract as many $’s as possible from you and the health system. There are exceptions my Neurologist, Cardiologist, and Endocrinologist come to mind. Most doctors has discounted the prostrate/ testicle as the main problem.

I started researching on the internet for a chronic prostatitis cure and my incredible pain problems. I found 3 websites that looked hopeful, their explanation and treatment sounded logical to me. All were in China – 2 used traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine and 1 that used Antibiotics and Chinese Herbal Medicine.My email enquiry to The 3D Treatment Clinic Clinic got a general reply with heaps of info .When I told my wife and family I was thinking of going to the Clinic, I got the standard – China why would you go there for treatment – 3rd world country – they’ll rip you off – they don’t know what the word cure is – etc, etc. Mrs. Belinda asked a past patient to ring me. Allista a Aussie rang with a glowing report of his treatment stating he had been cured for 3 years, left his number and said to call him if I wanted more info.

I decided to take the plunge and give The 3D Treatment Clinic a try – after all I had nothing to loose- I was on a down hill slope that was getting steeper and steeper every week.

Changsha – 1st day – arrived end of Sept 2013, was met at airport by Belinda (Interpreter/Receptionist) and taken to my hotel. I was made very welcome by her and the hotel staff who speak some english. Hotel is across the freeway from the Clinic, Belinda took me on a tour to show me the pedestrian underpass to clinic, a local supermarket (has really nice fruit), a few Malls and the usual Macca’s, KFC, Pizza Hut and some better Chinese Restaurants.

2nd day – Belinda met me in the Lobby and took me to the clinic, I met the Doctors, tests were performed – blood, Prostrate etc.

3rd day Dr Ivan took me to a hospital for more blood tests then on to a University Hospital for scans and tests. Dr Song and staff have developed a very through system of tests to diagnose your problems.

My test results came back with Bacteria & Virus infection and calcification of Enlarged Prostate and Epididymis plus cysts in both areas and 2 stones in prostrate.

My treatment started on the 3rd day at the clinic and took 44 days ( I know a long time).

All staff are lovely caring people, they don’t judge you but explain the treatment and you feel part of the clinic’s family.

Day 5 of the treatment – my prostrate pain had gone ( you little beauty) , including joint pain, frostbite pain in my toes, no nausea, no arm shaking, no heart pain.

Day 5 of the treatment they also started to treat/kill the virus, Dr Song had indicated that he suspected the virus had also attacked my left side heart muscles – treatment was via I.V. for 2 hours for 15 days then they did blood tests that showed negative to the virus.

Day 21 of treatment – as well as the prostrate treatment they started treatment to rebuild my immune system and blood circulation, this also via I.V. 2 hours daily – bring a ipad with games / music or ibooks for reading.

Day 37 spent all day at hospital blood tests and scans – results bacteria / virus negative,blood red cell count had risen giving more energy, prostatitis: gone, prostrate calcification: gone, prostrate slightly enlarged normal for my age, heart lower left back to normal size, upper left still enlarged, testicle lump area has reduced significantly.

Day 44 – finished treatment feeling very well – NO PAIN. Dr Song gave me a full report and also suggestions on how to eat and look after myself. Report included the antibiotics and IV drugs used he withholds naming the Chinese Herbal Medicines used.

Very happy day and a rather sad day too. These Doctors have given me back hope for the future.

Conclusion :

I came to The 3D Treatment Clinic with a open mind determined to give it my best shot – I was dying slowly – I had nothing to loose. At times it was hard, you go thru a lot of emotions highs and lows while being treated. the prostrate injections do hurt a little but its only maybe 5 seconds each injection daily, the front shots are more painful but again its only 5 seconds of pain for heaps of gain.

Best decision I have ever made – Dr Song, Dr Ivan, Dr Lee and staff are bloody genius’s to have worked out this treatment that works – and its not rocket science just a very sound practical course of treatment that must be followed in full to cure chronic prostatitis. These bacteria and virus change their structure several time during the treatment to survive but the length of this treatment beats them.

Am I cured – at this time – Yes – but I’m not counting my chickens just yet .

I’ll let everyone know in another 3 months.

This was written 7 days after arriving home

Ralph M.

February 2014 – Update

Its now 2 months since finishing treatment at The 3D Treatment Clinic – I am happy to say his treatment has worked . There has been nil problems with my prostrate, and my testicle ! is about 90% better than it was – only 4 days total of minor pain in 2 months. I am able to lead a normal life again – the best part Pain Free. !

Ralph M.!

May 2014 – Update

Just had 6 monthly prostrate test results – all very good.I also think my heart is really good, will report on progress after I see the heart specialist 17th July.

Dr Song thank you for your excellent work, feel very well best in years, able to lead a normal life without pain.

My GP doctor here is impressed at with your work.


Ralph M

December 2014 – Update

I’m going well no prostrate or testicle pain since February.

My heart size has reduced back to normal size the heart specialist is pleased with my progress. Heart pumping over 65%+, muscular wall is now strong and healthy no need for any valve replacements.

My blood pressure is very stable at
Date: 2014-12-25 17:22:19
SYS: 123
DIA: 60
BPM: 75


Ralph M